Session Fee $250

Session fee pricing, offerings and structure vary from business to business. For my part, the $250 session fee typically includes: 

  • Travel to your studio
  • Session planning and styling consultation with prep guide
  • Multiple lighting options, shot to match your style 
  • Up to 2 hours of shooting time
  • Same day in-person viewing and ordering
  • Full retouching of purchased images
  • Ability to use released images in your marketing materials (restrictions apply)


I will offer you suggestions and insight into what has sold best for me in the past, but all prices, products and packages are yours, to keep your branding and offerings consistent.

We do split all sales 50/50, but I do require a minimum sale of $1000 ($500 to each of us).

After the sale you can order the products from your preferred vendor, and deliver them as you normally would.


Your costs: session expenses (hair and makeup, studio time) + lodging + products

Your profit: session fee over $250 + 50% of all sales

That means with a session fee of $400 and a $2,000 sale (and let’s assume $150 in product costs), you walk away with $1,000.


A minimum of 3 confirmed sessions are required for me to book travel arrangements. Session fees are non-refundable. A $500 sales minimum is required on all sessions – everything above $500 will be split 50/50. An assistant will be required for all shooting and sales times. Proof of liability insurance will be required. Sales will be split the day of the session or reveal, and paid upfront, payment plans are not available.