Men By Jen

I shoot men and couples so you don't have to.



You’ve mastered boudoir, are making a great sales average, and a kicking ass at business. But then you get that tricky inquiry – do you shoot men?

Learning how to properly pose, communicate with, light and edit men and couples is hard. Maybe it’s out of your comfort zone, or maybe you just don’t have the time to take perfect a new service. No matter the reason, closing off the revenue stream that even occasional men’s sessions can bring is no longer necessary.

I have been a boudoir photographer for over 6 years, I made the leap to men’s portraiture in 2015. Over the last few years I exclusively shot men and couples. It’s one of the most challenging genres I have photographed, but I have learned a lot, and absolutely love it. I know my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to owning my own studio – my strengths are in the shooting, my weakness is the hatred for the running of the business.

That’s where you come in. I’ll take care of the shooting, posing, directing, retouching, and lighting of the men and couples. You take care of the marketing and products. We split the difference, and neither of us has to do the part we struggle at.



A few things you should know about me – I’m full of nonsense and but have been described as a no-nonsense attitude. I’ve come to embrace being a walking contradiction, my quirks are plentiful and make me laugh. I have a love/hate relationship with food, meaning I love eating it and was just kidding about the hate part. If you like Flight of the Conchords or Adam Sandler we are sure to get along perfectly. I have three kids and have been married for over 10 years. I love green beans, my dogs and the color turquoise. Not so much a fan of mopping or Walmart.


  • Schedule 2-3 days of shoots at your studio – you can market this as something you offer regularly every couple of months, or market it as a special guest shooter, it’s totally up to you. I require a non-refundable session fee of $250 per booking – if your session fee is higher, you keep the rest because all costs associated with the shoot are yours (hair and makeup, snacks, studio time, etc).
  • I’ll take care of the flight to get there, and we can split lodging (or I can stay with you!).
  • I shoot, and can do same day reveals so you don’t have to worry about selling. I will use your pricing structure and packages to keep your business consistent. All sales are split 50/50.
  • I’ll retouch the purchased images and deliver them to you. You handle the product ordering and delivery.
  • We both walk away with dollars, easy peasy!


This isn’t intended to be mentoring, or an opportunity to teach you how to shoot men on your own. Instead, I want to partner with boudoir photographers that are successful and skilled, but just not interested in shooting men themselves.